Prunus laurocerasus Etna® ('Anbri'PBR) EU 2719



This cherry laural with deep green, shiny leaves makes a welcome addition to the Prunus-assortment. This evergreen and beautifully branched shrub is very winterhardy. Its young shoots have a bronze colour, its flowers are cream white and the berries deep purple. Etna can be pruned easily and can therefore be perfectly used as hedge of 80 cm width and 2 meter height. As a solitary shrub, it makes a lovely dense bush with a diameter of 2 meters.

Key Points

  1. Deep green, shiny foliage
  2. Bronze coloured new leaves
  3. Easy to prune
  4. Hardy to -18 ºC


Prunus Etna® winner of:

  • Goud Plantarium 1994
Goud Plantarium 1994
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