Prunus laurocerasus Genolia® ('Mariblon'PBR) EU 17887



Prunus Genolia was discovered at the Genolier Arboretum in Switzerland: it was the only plant that survived a particularly harsh winter. Not surprisingly, Prunus Genolia (also known as Genolia Laurel) is famous for its hardiness. But that’s not all Prunus Genolia has to offer: a narrow, upright growth habit that makes it ideal for tall, dense hedging. Besides that, it has tough stems and branches that easily stand up to strong winds and it has very low maintenance requirements. What more can one want from a prunus?

Prunus Genolia is so tough that even when it’s coppiced to ground level, it will regrow with a strong, upright habit. It might just be one of the most climate-proof varieties on the market at the moment, tolerating extremes from hot summers to snowy winters. Prunus Genolia is as beautiful as it is tough: the evergreen, dark green, narrow and glossy leaves are absolutely eye-catching. Throughout autumn and winter the flower buds will appear, opening to fragrant, pollinator-friendly clusters of white flowers when summer arrives.

How to care for Prunus Genolia:
Prunus Genolia is exceptionally tough and will grow in pretty much any well-drained soil, in a spot in full sun or partial shade. No pruning is required, but Prunus Genolia tolerates pruning very well. Hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Narrow leaves
  2. Suitable for compact hedges
  3. Hardy to -20 ºC


Prunus Genolia® winner of:

  • Zilver Plantarium 2005
Zilver Plantarium 2005

Breeder: Pépinières de Genolier

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