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Plantipp is specialised in royalty management. We support plant breeders and manage their new varieties.

Plantipp has a large network of breeders, growers and traders worldwide. Our assortment of new varieties is diverse and innovative. Plantipp brings people, plants and ideas together!

Latest News

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The 5 best plants for a green roof and roof gardens   It's economical, ecological and its popularity continues to rise. It purifies the air, regulates the indoor temperature, saves...

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Best perennials for a great garden performance What makes a garden well-designed? Plants that keep coming back, year after year. Hardy, pest- and disease tolerant foliage and flowers with an...

common-img-link Goldmedaille Gardenia für Thuja Totem Smaragd

At the trade show Gardenia 2020 in Poland, the expert jury has awarded Thuja Totem Smaragd ('Thuclavo'PBR) with a gold medal. A great achievement for this beautiful, compact conifer. Sebastiaan...

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