Choisya White Dazzler ('Londaz'PBR) EU 25215



Choisya Withe Dazzler is a fantastic, new Choisya. It is compact and flowering like crazy with white scented flowers. When the weather is good enough it may even flower a second and a third time! White Dazzlers stays compact and becomes approx. 90 cm high and 70 cm wide. A must for every Choisya lover! White Dazzlers is the most hardy Choisya. In 2015 Choisya White Dazzler has won de KVBC-Gold Award!

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Key Points

  1. Compact, bushy habit
  2. Large, white flowers
  3. Prolific flowering
  4. Hardy to -23 ºC


Choisya White Dazzler winner of:

  • KVBC Award Goud
KVBC Award Goud

Breeder: Peter R. Moore

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