Choisya White Dazzler ('Londaz'PBR) EU 25215



This powerhouse is a more than rightly winner of the KVBC Gold Award. Choisya White Dazzler is a real innovation within the Choisya range and extremely suitable for small gardens and terraces!

The impressive White Dazzler grows much more compact and moundforming than other Choisya cultivars. On top of this compact habit, White Dazzler proudly shows off with a sea of ​​white, fragrant flowers that contrast nicely with the elegant, glossy dark green foliage. The abundance of fragrant flowers appears not just once, but two and sometimes even three times a year! The narrow, refined leaves are an intense dark green, which means this plant offers ornamental value outside the flowering period as well. A real must for the Choisya lover.

How to care for Choisya White Dazzler:
Evergreen Choisya White Dazzler remains compact and becomes approx. 90 cm high and 70 cm wide. The naturally compact habit means that this powerhouse hardly requires any pruning and is very low on its maintenance requirements. Choisya White Dazzler is drought tolerant, adores full sun and is hardy to -23 ºC: the hardiest Dwarf Mexican Orange on the market right now. What more could the true Choisya lover want?!

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Key Points

  1. Compact, bushy habit
  2. Large, white flowers
  3. Prolific flowering
  4. Hardy to -23 ºC


Choisya White Dazzler winner of:

  • KVBC Award Goud
KVBC Award Goud

Breeder: Peter R. Moore

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