Choisya Scented Gem ('Lissbrid'PBR) EU 59035



The beautiful Choisya Scented Gem, also known as Mexican Orange Blossom, is truly one to be enjoyed daily. The densely compact shiny, dark-green leaves and masses of scented, pink-white flowers contribute to its rounded habit. The blooms of this stunning evergreen shrub can be enjoyed once the pink flower buds appear in early spring, all the way up to the point where they open in pure white blooms in early summer—providing year-long interest in any type of landscape design.

When autumn comes, you’ll be surprised with another flush of flowers, adding a beautiful display to the autumn landscape. Scented Gem is a real must-have for the Choisya lover, with a dense habit that doesn’t require any pruning and a strength that makes it easy to grow. The scented leaves and flowers attract pollinators from far and wide.

How to care for Choisya Scented Gem:
Choisya Scented Gem is an easy care shrub. Meaning she will delight you with her scented leaves and flowers, but even more so with the fact that no pruning is required. Scented Gem is surprisingly easy to grow, grows up to 1.2 m high and wide, and loves a spot in full sun or partial shade. Hardy to -15 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Dense, rounded habit
  2. Evergreen, year-round interest
  3. Scented leaves and flowers
  4. Attracts bees and butterflies
  5. Low maintenance


Choisya Scented Gem winner of:

  • 2nd place ‘Best Ornamental Variety 2018’ Horticulture Week Magazine
2nd place ‘Best Ornamental Variety 2018’ Horticulture Week Magazine

Breeder: Liss Forest Nursery Ltd.

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