Escallonia hybrid Glowing Embers ('Lowat21'PBR) EU 55941



Escallonia Glowing Embers is a striking plant with its different hues of the leaves: orange-red young leaves in the spring that changes to golden yellow, and then to green. In addition, Glowing Embers has pink flowers. Glowing Embers is a compact plant that becomes approx. 100 cm high and wide. Plant Glowing Embers in the sun or partial shade in a well-drained soil. This evergreen shrub deserves a beautiful spot in the garden, shrub border or on balcony or terrace. Glowing Embers can also be used excellently as a low hedge. Hardy to -12 °C.


Key Points

  1. Glowing, glossy, golden foliage
  2. New shoots are orange-red (looks like flowers!)
  3. Nice, compact habit

Breeder: Ian Ashton

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