Escallonia hybrid Golden Carpet ('Alcaura'PBR) EU 44517



The latest Escallonia Golden Carpet is a fashionable appearance. The stylish, chartreuse leaf and the wealth of red/pink flowers make it a striking garden plant. The Golden Carpet is wide growing; height 50 cm and width 100 cm. Place in full sun and/or partial shade and in a well-drained soil. Golden Carpet flowers in June-July and gives a second flowering in September-October. This species is an evergreen. Hardy to -12° Celsius.

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Key Points

  1. Golden foliage
  2. Rose-red flowers
  3. Nice flower-foliage contrast
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Drought tolerant


Escallonia Golden Carpet winner of:

  • Zilver GrootGroenPlus 2013
Zilver GrootGroenPlus 2013
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