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Erysimum Colour Vibe Red ('cdcery1'PBR) EU 20240713

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The results of a decade-spanning breeding program by Charles Carr is finally there: the new Erysimum Colour Vibe-series has come to lift the current assortment to new standards. These spectacular varieties stand out with free-branching, large, silvery dark green foliage and large flower heads with bright, intense colours.

Erysimum Colour Vibe Red steals the show with its bright red flowers: vivid colours that won’t fade no matter the weather. This Erysimum stands out in the assortment with large flowers and foliage. Known as an incredibly strong garden plant, Erysimum Colour Vibe Red can be easily managed with little to no maintenance, making it perfectly suited for smaller gardens, patios and terraces.

How to care for Erysimum Colour Vibe Red:
As strong as he is, Colour Vibe Red doesn’t need any maintenance - or water, for that matter a fact. Colour Vibe Red will grow up to 60-70 cm high, making it ideal for ground cover in borders, containers or mass planting. This variety is drought-resistant, not susceptible to diseases and winter hardy to -7 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Early flowering from spring into summer
  2. Vivid colours that don’t fade
  3. Strong garden plant
  4. Drought-resistant
  5. Not susceptible to diseases


Erysimum Colour Vibe Red winner of:

  • Chelsea Plant of the Year 2023 Shortlisted
Chelsea Plant of the Year 2023 Shortlisted

Breeder: Charles Carr

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