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“Mainstar 2018” for Nepeta Neptune

At Plantarium 2018 there was a special moment for the breeder of the Nepeta Neptune, Kees Jan Kraan. He received the certificate for "Mainstar 2018" from Vitroflora. The "Mainstar" is...

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Great introductions at Plantarium 2018

Plantipp has signed up various novelties for the novelties inspection at Plantarium 2018. These varieties are all top-of-the range so the expectations are high. In addition to the entries for...

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Buddleja Unique "Best New Introduction 2017"

Last night at the annual meeting, members of the KVBC (Royal Dutch Horticultural Society) could vote on the nominees for "Best New Introduction 2017". The winner  was"our" Buddleja Unique and we...

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Sugar Plum in Peter Moore's Top 5

Also at the RHS there is a lot of attention for plants that attract bees and butterflies. Especially for the RHS, Peter Moore - breeder of amongst others the Buddleja...

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The story of GorisGenerations

Kees Goris of GorisGenerations and breeder of Prunus Goris Gold has told the story behind his company in an interesting film. The story goes back 7 generations to 1790. In those days,...

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Gold for Buddleja Unique

Buddleja alternifolia Unique (‘Pmoore12’PBR) has been awarded at the international trade show GrootGroenPlus with a gold medal. The jury of the KVBC (Royal Dutch Horticultural Society) states that this plant...

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Book Matteo Ragni handed out at Plantarium

At Plantarium 2017 there was a moment of attention for our Italian agent Matteo Ragni. He recently published a book on cacti, titled Pelle di Spine. This beautiful book was handed...

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