Vaccinium vitis-idaea Fireballs ('Lirome'PBR) EU 46224

Fruit trees


When you see the berries on Vaccinium vitis-idaea Fireballs, you understand why this name was chosen. Fireballs has many and big red berries that stay on the shrub for a long time. This makes the plant unique, just as its early flowering and fruiting time does. This variety also stands out for its robust habit. And did you know that the red berries, also called lingonberries, are edible? You can use its berries for delicious dishes such as home-made jam, berry cheesecake, or how about steak with lingonberry compote! This fiery plant prefers to cool down in a spot in the shade or partial shade. Fireballs is hardy to -35° Celsius. Prune in spring. After flowering, berries will appear in late summer. It thrives in cool, moist, humus-rich, acid and well-drained soil. Fireballs is a great plant for mass planting, shrub borders, in mixed containers and as solitary on your balcony or terrace. It’s getting hot in your garden with Vaccinium vitis-idaea Fireballs!


Key Points

  1. Early flowering and fruiting time
  2. Large berries
  3. Masses of berries
  4. Berries stay on the shrub for a long time
  5. Robust habit


Vaccinium Fireballs winner of:

  • Zilver GrootGroenPlus 2016
Zilver GrootGroenPlus 2016

Breeder: Bloemen Young Plants B.V.

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