logo-Vaccinium BonBonBerry® Blue Suede

Vaccinium corymbosum BonBonBerry® Blue Suede ('TH682'PBR) EU 52192

Fruit (vruchtgoed)


BonBonBerry® Blue Suede is easy. People like comfort in their gardens and in their kitchens. BonBonBerry® Blue Suede is sell-pollinating, so one plant is enough to get a lot of blueberries. It is a compact plant, so perfect for pots on terraces and balconies. From your garden right on your table: fast and fresh!

BonBonBerry® Blue Suede’ is healthy. Blueberries are high in vitamins and antioxidants, which help your body to build up its defenses. They also help to lower high cholesterol, are good for your heart, and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, BonBonBerry® Blue Suede can help when you would like to lose weight. A real superfoods!

BonBonBerry® Blue Suede is beautiful. In summer, you will love its large, blue berries. In autumn, its green foliage turns to burgundy. And in spring? Then BonBonBerry® Blue Suede produces masses of little, white flowers. A vitamine bomb with looks!

BonBonBerry® Blue Suede is tasty. Its large blueberries are juicy and sweet. In summer you can pick berries from your garden. You can put the berries in yoghurt, salads or cakes. With BonBonBerry® Blue Suede, you will always a healthy snack on hand!


Key Points

  1. Self-pollinating
  2. Large, sweet berries
  3. Abundance of berries
  4. Produces many berries during a long period
  5. Burgundy autumn colour

Breeder: McCorkle Nurseries Inc.

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