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Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta® White ('Anny200810'PBR) EU 44366



Dwarf lilac is the common name of Syringa meyeri Flowerfesta® White. The name says it all: this attractive shrub stays compact to just 125 cm high. An excellent plant for small gardens and balconies!

Flowerfesta® White produces an abundance of white flower panicles. Its panicles are larger than other Syringa meyeri-varieties. Flowerfesta® White is repeat blooming: it flowers in early summer and again in autumn! Its flowers spread a lovely, sweet fragrance. This variety can resist cold temperatures down to -28 °C.

Plant Flowerfesta® White in well-drained soil in (full) sun or partial shade. Prune after flowering. This shrub works great as a solitary in small gardens and balconies, but is also suitable for mass planting and plant borders. Syringa

Flowerfesta® is a series of three attractive colours: pink, white and purple. A real feast of flowers in your garden!

Key Points

  1. Abundant flowering
  2. Compact habit
  3. Reblooming
  4. Fragrant flowers
  5. Very winter hardy

Breeder: André van Nijnatten

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