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Sambucus nigra Black Tower ('Eiffel 1'PBR) EU 35864



Sambucus Black Tower, a relative of the well-known Sambucus Black Lace, is a fast-growing elderflower tree with striking purple-black foliage. In May and June, the abundance of strongly scented, creamy white flowers with pink blushes provides an impressive contrast. The leaves emerge green in spring, and lots of sunlight brings them to their beloved dark purple-black hues, followed by intense red colours in autumn: creating a beautiful spectacle. The unique foliage and colourful flowers make for great ornamental value throughout the seasons.

The upright habit and intensely coloured foliage make Sambucus Black Tower a beautiful addition to any landscape design. The purple-black leaves add drama to borders, and the dark red autumn colours add atmosphere to the autumn landscape. The upright habit and low maintenance requirements make Black Tower ideally suited for borders, coastal gardens or as a (wild) hedge.

How to care for Sambucus Black Tower:
Black Tower is an easy, hardy plant that requires little maintenance. Black Tower grows to about 200 cm high and 100 cm wide, and prefers a well-drained soil and full sun or partial shade.

Key Points

  1. Upright columnar habit
  2. Dark foliage
  3. Large pink-white flowers
  4. Dark purple berries

Breeder: East Malling Research Ltd. (EMR)

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