Sambucus nigra Cherry Lace ('Hyfjolais'PBR) EU 66516



Sambucus Cherry Lace is a unique elderberry with deeply incised, dark cherry-red foliage. Its flowers have a white centre with striking pink edges, and will turn Cherry Lace into a spectacle of beauty when summer comes. The elegant foliage, the colourful flowers and the beautiful black berries add life to the landscape for an extra-long period. A big bonus are the black berries which are perfect for jams, juices and sirups.

The deeply incised, intensely coloured foliage make Sambucus Cherry Lace a unique addition to any type of landscape design. Young foliage starts green and red which will turn into dark hues of cherry red during the season. The intense pink flowers create an impressive contrast with the dark cherry foliage. Its compact size and little maintenance requirements make Cherry Lace perfectly suited for smaller gardens and mass plantings.

How to care for Sambucus Cherry Lace:
Cherry Lace is an easy-going, hardy variety and asks for very little maintenance. Cherry Lace will grow up to around 150 cm high and wide, prefers well-drained soil and a spot in full sun or half shade. Cherry Lace is hardy up to -22 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Deeply incised foliage
  2. Dark cherry red foliage
  3. Deep pink flowers in summer
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Very compact

Breeder: Hyfryd Plants

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