Sambucus nigra Black Beauty ('Gerda'PBR) EU 10708



Sambucus nigra Black Beauty is an impressive elderberry with dark purple, near-black foliage that flowers abundantly with scented soft pink flowers in early summer. Compared to the common elder, Sambucus Black Beauty offers more ornamental value. The purple-black leaves retain their colour in summer, adding life to the landscape for an extra-long period. The abundance of black berries that appear in summer are perfect for jams, juices and sirups.

The soft pink flowers create a beautiful contrast with the near-black foliage. The flowers are rich in nectar and pollen and are known for attracting bees and other pollinators - making Black Beauty the ideal elderberry for cottage gardens, large borders, woodland areas, wildlife gardens, as a specimen plant, in mass planting or a wildlife hedge.

How to care for Sambucus Black Beauty:
Black Beauty is an easy-going, fully hardy variety that requires little maintenance. Plant Black Beauty in moist, well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Black Beauty will grow up to 6 meter high and 4 m wide once matured.

Key Points

  1. Beautiful, dark purple foliage
  2. Very rich flowering
  3. Very hardy
  4. Great for biodiversity

Breeder: East Malling Research Ltd. (EMR)

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