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Parrotia persica Persian Spire ('JLPN01'PBR) EU 47555



Parrotia Persian Spire is never short of a colourful outfit. His exquisite sense of style perfectly matches his elegant shape. Every season he turns your garden into a fashion runway with his daring looks! Parrotia Persian Spire is characterized by its narrow, upright growth. Perfect for use in small gardens! Apart from its shape, this Parrotia aso distinguishes itself with its fine leaves. And have you seen Persian Spire’s exciting array of colors? In spring, purple shoots appear. In summer, Persian Spire has dark green leaves with a striking purple border. In autumn, its foliage will turn yellow/orange/red. Persian Spire is hardy to -30° Celsius and deciduous. It’s best placed in moist soil, in partial shade or in a sunny spot. After 7 years without pruning, it will reach a height of 250 cm and a width of 75 cm.  Persian Spire is the first Parrotia that can be planted in a small garden or as solitary for on your terrace or balcony. Parrotia persica Persian Spire: pure elegance with a striking edge!

Key Points

  1. Purple new shoots in spring
  2. In summer dark green with purple border
  3. Autumn colours: a mix of yellow, orange and purple
  4. Long-lasting foliage colour
  5. Narrow, upright growth


Parrotia Persian Spire winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2015
Brons Plantarium 2015

Breeder: JLPN Inc.

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