Papaver orientale Red Rumble ('HG01'PBR) EU 20230430

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Strong, upright flower stems, extra-large, intense red flowers and a compact habit: what more can one want from Papaver orientale? The beautiful perennial poppy Red Rumble has it all and more. Red Rumble is less sensitive to diseases, is more compact and keeps its green, healthy foliage longer. The large, intense red flowers are held upright on the strong flower stems, ensuring that Red Rumble doesn’t get leggy and floppy like many Papaver do!

With strong stems and healthy, green foliage covered with silvery hairs, Red Rumble steals the show in any landscape. The foliage stays green while flowering, making it the ideal poppy for cottage gardens, flower borders, beds, and natural-looking landscapes.

How to care for Papaver Red Rumble:
Papaver orientale Red Rumble is not sensitive to diseases and has a compact, upright habit, growing up to 90 cm high. The bright red flowers appear during May and June, and Red Rumble prefers a spot in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Red Rumble is hardy to -25 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Large, bright red flowers
  2. Compact plant size
  3. Strong flower stems
  4. Healthy, green foliage
  5. Not sensitive to diseases

Breeder: HEO

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