Pennisetum orientale 'JS Dance with Me' PBR EU 49189

Ornamental grasses


Pennisetum 'JS Dance with Me' has fuller and whiter flower plumes than other Pennisetum. 'JS Dance with Me' also produces more flower plumes. This Pennisetum stands out among its peers. The flowering period is long: from June to October. The blade is narrow and long and "dances" elegantly in the wind.

'JS Dance with Me' has a dense, low, mounding growth habit and becomes about 45 cm high and 30 cm wide. 'JS Dance with Me' can be planted in both full sun and semi-shade, but prefers the sun. Plant this beauty in a well-permeable soil. 'JS Dance with Me' requires little maintenance and is drought resistant. Prune in early spring. Hardy to -20 ºC.


Key Points

  1. The leaves easily sway with the wind
  2. Soft, white and fluffy flower panicles
  3. Long flowering period
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Drought-resistant

Breeder: Spruyt Select CommV

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