Magnolia Starburst ('MGSTA2009'PBR) EU 20200107



Magnolia Starburst has eye-catching, semi-double flowers with different shades of pink and white. As the flower bursts open it reveals a universe of red-pink stars, airbrushed onto the white background. Starburst flowers in summer with lots of these “starbursts”. The growth is columnar to pyramidal. This medium sized Magnolia is great as a garden plant or a small street tree. Starburst is a medium sized shrub that after 10 years will reach a height of about 4m and a width of 2m. You can apply Starburst as a garden plant in smaller gardens, as a small street tree, in containers on patio and balcony or for landscaping. Plant Starburst in the full sun in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Pruning in summer. Hardy to -15 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. Columnar to pyramidal growth
  2. Free flowering in summer
  3. Eye-catching, semi-double flowers
  4. Small to medium sized
  5. Rich dark green foliage

Breeder: Vance Hooper

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