Loropetalum chinense Ruby Snow ('Iwai'PBR) EU 49442



Loropetalum Ruby Snow has a unique contrast of foliage and flower. The foliage is dark purple and the white flowers stuck out beautifully in early spring. In summer there is a second flowering so you can enjoy this colour combination once again. Ruby Snow has a creeping habit and becomes about 70 cm tall and 40 cm wide. Plant Ruby Snow in full sun in a well-drained soil. Ruby Snow is semi evergreen and does not need to be pruned. Place Ruby Snow as a solitary or in a mixed container on your balcony or terrace or plant it in the border. Ruby Snow tolerates both heat and drought very well and is hardy to -10 °C.

Key Points

  1. Dark purple foliage with white flowers
  2. Unique contrast foliage and flower
  3. Abundant flowering
  4. Heat and drought resistent
  5. Low maintenance

Breeder: Yuji Suzuki

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