Loropetalum chinense 'Ruby Runner' PBR EU 48825



A versatile shrub that makes gardening easy for the consumer. Ruby Runner is named after its beautiful ruby red-purple foliage and creeping habit. In early spring, an abundance of pink flowers appear and, without pruning, Ruby Runner will flower again in summer. This shrub thrives in full sun and is hardy to -10º Celsius. With a height of 10 cm and a width of approx. 50 cm this makes a great ground cover that is also perfect for in hanging baskets.

Key Points

  1. Ground cover
  2. Hanging basket
  3. Heat & drought resistant
  4. Dark purple foliage
  5. Low maintenance


Loropetalum Ruby Runner winner of:

  • Zilver GrootGroenPlus 2016
Zilver GrootGroenPlus 2016

Breeder: PDSI

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