Ficus carica Little Miss Figgy ('LMF01'PBR) EU 20192170



What’s in a name? Everything! As Ficus 'Little Miss Figgy' is a very compact, dwarf size Ficus that grows to about 90 cm high and wide. 'Little Miss Figgy' has deeply lobed, dark green foliage and short internodes. In spring and fall, it produces lots of large, sweet, burgundy coloured figs along the branches. Plant this compact Ficus in any but well-drained soil. It prefers however dry, lights soils to heavy, wet soils. 'Little Miss Figgy' likes a place in full sun but also tolerates semi-shade. This plant is drought resistant but keep it out of heavy winds. Prune in winter after the leaves have dropped to keep the size and shape desired. 'Little Miss Figgy' is the perfect plant for the edible garden, for smaller as well as larger gardens and for in a pot on your patio or balcony. Hardy to -15 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Dwarf size
  2. Prolific production of sweet figs
  3. Deeply lobed, dark green leaves
  4. More cold hardy than other Ficus
  5. Drought resistant

Breeder: PDSI

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