Forsythia 'Discovery' PBR EU 20220283



We’re thrilled to welcome a new cultivar of Forsythia: Forsythia ‘Discovery’. A name that suits its story as this striking variety was discovered in John Mitchell’s garden in the UK: a first officer on the RSS Discovery in the UK merchant navy. Plenty of reason to honour this trail-blazing Forsythia with a just as impressive name.

Forsythia ‘Discovery’ stands out with its distinctive variegated foliage that doesn’t burn in the sun. It flowers abundantly in early spring and carries the abundance of yellow flowers on a strong, upright habit. ‘Discovery’ will lighten up landscapes throughout spring, summer, and autumn. Forsythia ‘Discovery’ is very easy to grow and easy to prune, making it an interesting variety for growers and gardeners alike.

How to care for Forsythia ‘Discovery’:
Forsythia ‘Discovery’ is very suitable for containers, landscaping, and gardens. This well-branched shrub grows up to 100-120 cm high and wide after three years and prefers a spot in sun or partial shade. Forsythia ‘Discovery’ hardly requires any maintenance and is hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Abundant flowering in early spring
  2. Vigorous growth
  3. Easy to propagate, high success rate
  4. Foliage doesn’t burn in the sun
  5. Seasonal interest

Breeder: Elizabeth Mitchell

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