Festuca Sunrise ('Miedzianobrody'PBR) EU 55021

Ornamental grasses


With Festuca Sunrise you bring the sunrise to your garden. Sunrise has dark green leaves that turn copper-orange at the top in late autumn and winter. In summer, the flowers and flower stems have an attractive, bright orange-red colour. The narrow leaves give an airy effect. Sunrise has a compact, mounded shape and becomes about 25 cm wide and incl. flower about 70 cm high. The plant itself becomes about 30 cm high. Sunrise prefers a sunny spot but can also be placed in the semi-shade. Plant Sunrise in a well-permeable soil; a poor, dry soil is well tolerated. Festuca Sunrise is an evergreen and beautiful in pot on terrace or balcony, but also very suitable as an accent plant, for mass planting, landscaping, the city garden or rock garden. Hardy to -20 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. Evergreen
  2. Beautiful colours
  3. Narrow leaves for a breezy look
  4. Drought-resistant
  5. Compact, mounded shape


Festuca Sunrise winner of:

  • ISU Award 2018
ISU Award 2018

Breeder: Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Szkółka Słowińscy

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