Abelia grandiflora Lucky Lots ('Wevo1'PBR) EU 39188



Also plants want to be happy and lucky. Abelia Lucky Lots give that luck to the garden. Lucky Lots has unique colours throughout the seasons. The leaves are shiny and stable. Perfect for landscaping, as patioplant and gardenplant but also as a mini-hedge. Pruning back in spring stimulates a nice re-growth. Suitable for every soil in full sun or half shadow. The height is 1 meter. Lucky Lots is very winterhardy.


Key Points

  1. Silver variegated
  2. Bees & butterflies
  3. Sweet, soft scent
  4. White flowers
  5. Low maintenance


Abelia Lucky Lots winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2011
Brons Plantarium 2011

Breeder: Wevo B.V.

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