Weigela florida Black and White® ('Courtacad 1'PBR) EU 32897



The love between Black & White is expressed perfectly in this new Weigela from INRA in France. Weigela Black & White has a striking colour combination of dark foliage and white trumpet flowers. The small internodes make the Black & White a dwarf shrub. Height 40 cm and width 70 cm. The new growth starts green in spring. In summer the leaves become dark purple. The pure white flowers develop in May-June. Together with the dark leaves it gives the real Black & White-effect. Suitable for full sun and semi shade. The plant can be pruned after flowering.

Key Points

  1. Beautiful foliage-flower combination
  2. Compact habit
  3. Hardy to -20 ºC


Weigela Black and White® winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2009
Brons Plantarium 2009

Breeder: INRA, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique DV UCP

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