Taxus media Rising Star® ('Oene'PBR) EU 34846



Taxus media Rising Star: a new Taxus with dense and uniform growth. With a perfect shape that doesn’t require pruning. Easy and good-looking: a perfect combination, isn’t it? That’s exactly what tree nursery De Buurte thought when they saw this Taxus stand out amongst many others. They called him Rising Star because of its excellent upright growth. You will also like this shrub for its fine shape of its dark green leaves. It is a male plant, so you won’t be bothered by (poisonous) berries. Rising Star grows to 2m high and 60 cm wide. Plant Rising Star in sun or partial shade. It thrives in humus-rich (garden peat) and moist soil. It survives winters up to -25° Celsius. Rising Star is easy to propagate and grows faster than other varieties like ‘Hicksii’ en ‘Hilii’. Very suitable as solitary, high or low hedge and for landscaping. We’d say it’s the ideal Taxus for every garden!

Key Points

  1. Uniform growth
  2. Fine leaves
  3. Upright, bushy habit
  4. No berries

Breeder: De Buurte Kwekerijen

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