Taxus baccata Tiny T ('Her2016T02'PBR) EU 20220226



The best things come in small packages - and Taxus baccata Tiny T is the perfect example of this statement. This beautiful dense Taxus doesn’t grow too high or wide, remains perfectly compact yet boasts power like only a Taxus of his kind can.

Its compact growth and capacity to recover quickly, make Tiny T perfectly suited for low hedges and the so-called ‘grave planting’, often used in Germany. Its fine, dark green needles give it an elegant appearance. Taxus Tiny T is easy to propagate and hardly leaves any waste after pruning.

How to care for Taxus Tiny T:
Taxus baccata Tiny T thrives in both shade as full sun, and works well as a hedging plant but also as a solitary in pots or in mixed containers. Tiny T is very drought resistant and will grow in any type of soil as long as you don’t get his feet too wet.

Key Points

  1. Refined, small leaves
  2. Compact plant size
  3. Excellent for low hedges
  4. Well-branched habit
  5. Fast, vigorous growth


Taxus Tiny T winner of:

  • KVBC GrootGroenPlus Silver 2022
KVBC GrootGroenPlus Silver 2022

Breeder: Herplant BV

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