Teucrium fruticans Indyho ('Ventecu'PBR) EU 60312

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The elegant Teucrium Indyho stands out within the Teucrium family. Elegant, slender silvery-green leaves and striking large, bright blue-purple flowers might make this one of the most beautiful Teucrium you’ve ever laid eyes on.

But Indyho is more than just beautiful. This variety is extremely easy to grow, heat-resistant and not susceptible to diseases. As cherry on the pie it has very low water needs, making it right on-trend with the growing need for water-saving varieties. This shrubby germander will flower proudly from June to the end of September, and its aromatic leaves and extra-large flowers (20 x 40 mm!) will attract pollinators from far and wide.

How to care for Teucrium fruticans Indyho:
Teucrium Indyho has a compact size and upright habit, making it perfect for a low hedge, landscaping or pots and containers. Plant Indyho in full sun to partial shade and average, well-drained soil. Grows up to 100 cm high and 80 cm wide and is hardy to -5 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Striking large flowers
  2. Elegant, slender leaves
  3. Heat-resistant
  4. Low water needs
  5. Attracts bees and butterflies

Breeder: Vertnantes sarl

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