Taxus baccata Exotica ('Her2009T06'PBR) EU 48976



Taxus baccata Exotica has curly, long needles that give this new shrub a touch of exotic elegance. Exotica has a uniform and bushy growth habit. This Taxus variety is easy to grow in containers. It is fruitless, so it will not produce any berries. Exotica is winter hardy to -22° Celsius. Place in full sun or partial shade in humus-rich, moist soil. This conifer is perfect in a container on your terrace or patio, as a high or low hedge and for landscaping.

Key Points

  1. Uniform growth
  2. Long, curly needles
  3. Easy to grow in a container
  4. Exotic appearance
  5. Fruitless (no berries)

Breeder: Herplant BV

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