Taxus media Eleganza ('Her2009T01'PBR) EU 48975



Taxus media Eleganza is a Taxus with a uniform, bushy, ascending growth. This makes it suitable for hedges and cloudy massives. With its fine needles it has a beautiful, elegant look. It is a male plant and it does not carry (poisonous) berries. Like most Yew, it is hardy to -25°C. Eleganza grows on all soils but likes a nutritious, permeable soil. Eleganza is a nice addition to the Taxus range with a good growth power and especially the fine needles.


Key Points

  1. Uniform growth
  2. Very fine needles
  3. Ascending, bushy growht
  4. Male; no poisonous berries

Breeder: Herplant BV

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