Spiraea japonica LITTLE FLAME® ('Minspil04'PBR) EU 59118



They’re quick-growing deciduous shrubs with attractive flowers that are incredibly easy to grow: which is precisely what makes Spiraea japonica (also known as Japanese meadowsweet) such a popular and excellent shrub for borders. Spiraea tend to flower profusely with their pollinator-friendly blooms, adding a delight of colour to any landscape.

And Spiraea Little Flame® is no different. With a neat, compact habit and high resistance to powdery mildew, this Spiraea is as strong as it is beautiful. But what makes her stand out are the impressive colour changes throughout the year. Little Flame® will announce spring with bronze-orange young shoots, followed by yellow foliage. When summer comes, the foliage will delight you with gold-green hues topped with rose flowers, and in autumn, she’ll fit right into the autumn landscape with coppery-orange tones.

How to care for Spiraea Little Flame®:
This neat, compact Spiraea grows up to 50-60 cm high and wide and is an extremely popular pollinator-friendly variety. The compact habit makes Little Flame® suited for pretty much any landscaping need: from borders to mass plantings and containers. Little Flame® isn’t picky about the type of soil and is hardy to -20 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Neat, compact growth
  2. High resistance against powdery mildew
  3. Changing foliage colours from spring to autumn
  4. Pink flowers in summer
  5. Great for biodiversity


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