Sarcococca hookeriana Winter Gem ('Pmoore03'PBR) EU 38472



The latest variety of sweet boxwood has the beautiful name Sarcococca Winter Gem. It is indeed a special gem for the winter garden that also has a fantastic scent. This recent find comes from England and is a cross between Sarcococca humilis and Sarcococca hookeriana. From both parents Winter Gem has gotten the very best features. From February until April, the whole shrub is covered with pure white flowers. They spring from deep red buds and spread a fantastic scent. The leaves are shiny dark green and are carried by densely branched stems.
Are the glossy, evergreen leaves its most beautiful feature? Or is it the winter bloom and the strong, sweet scent of the flowers? With Sarcococca Winter Gem it's both. Because of the glossy leaves and the special fragrance, this winter jewel is indispensable in the winter and early spring garden. This compact shrub gives year-round structure in borders and beds. Even for pots and containers this new sweet boxwood is an excellent choice. You can also use the sweet boxwood in somewhat larger plantings as a strong, evergreen ground cover. And what do you think of a low, fragrant, evergreen hedge?
Sarcococca Winter Gem is on the market as a well branched and very bushy shrub. This is in contrast to the ordinary sweet boxwood that often has only two or three shoots. You can easily fill a big pot with one or two Winter Gems. Its height is 50-75 cm so also suitable for a small garden. This sweet boxwood is not susceptible to diseases and hardly requires any maintenance. Pruning is not necessary. Winter Gem can grow in the sun as well as and in the shade and in each soil type.


Key Points

  1. Dark red buds
  2. Bright white flowers
  3. Very nice scent
  4. Disease-tolerant
  5. Good branching habit

Breeder: Peter R. Moore

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