Sambucus nigra Serenade ('Jonade'PBR) EU 58323



Fall in love with the seasonal colour changer Sambucus Serenade! In spring, this beauty produces pink-red new shoots. In early summer, its leaves change to yellow-green. Towards the end of the season , this variety will have attractive pink-red autumn foliage. Serenade produces white flowers with a lovely sweet scent. This Elderberry has a gorgeous, medium habit. Plant Serenade in the sun to get the best performance. It reaches a height of 250 cm and a width of 150 cm. Serenade hardly requires maintenance. It is suitable as solitary, for mass planting, in borders and for landscaping. Enjoy a ‘serenade of colour’ by the new seasonal colour changer Sambucus Serenade!

Key Points

  1. Acer-like dissected foliage
  2. Yellow-green with pink-red new shoots
  3. Pink-red autumn colour
  4. Low maintenance

Breeder: Hyfryd Plants

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