Sambucus racemosa Welsh Gold ('Walfinb'PBR) EU 35851



A good plant in your garden is worth its weight in gold. Sambucus racemosa Welsh Gold is such a plant. And we know how to spot a pot of gold when we see one! Why is Welsh Gold so valuable? First of all, it has beautiful, deeply incised foliage with an almost fluorescent yellow-green colour. In summer, it produces white flowers followed by bright red berries. This Elderberry has a gorgeous, compact habit. It reaches a height of 120 cm and a width of 100 cm. Welsh Gold hardly requires maintenance. It is suitable as solitary, in borders and for landscaping. It’s certainly all gold that glitters with Sambucus racemosa Welsh Gold!

Key Points

  1. Compact habit
  2. Yellow-green, deeply incised leaves
  3. Striking red berries
  4. Low maintenance

Breeder: Alan G. Walmsley

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