Perovskia atriplicifolia Silvery Blue ('Lissvery'PBR) EU 41143



Silvery Blue is a Perovskia (blue Spirea) with silver leaves and a very strong plant construction. Silvery Blue is found by Peter Catt who has also developed 'Lacey Blue'. Silvery Blue can best be placed in full sun but can also be planted in the semi-shade. A well drained soil is necessary for each Perovskia. Blooms from summer to autumn with beautiful blue flowers that even spread a fine scent. Silvery Blue is suitable for the perennial border, rock garden, heather garden and a combined container.

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Key Points

  1. Silvery foliage
  2. Drought tolerant
  3. Strong habit
  4. Fragrant foliage
  5. Reblooming when pinched after flowering

Breeder: Liss Forest Nursery Ltd.

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