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Nandina domestica Obsessed ('Seika'PBR) EU 36059



Are you looking for warm colors in your garden? Then Nandina domestica Obsessed is the right choice for you. With its eye-popping and long-lasting red color, this new Nandina has been awarded various medals. A rightful winner it is!
Obsessed has bright red, young shoots in spring, giving a passionate touch to your garden. Also in autumn and winter its foliage has a dazzling, deep red color. In comparison to ‘Gulf Stream, Obsessed has a much brighter and more long-lasting color.
This compact Nandina has a bushy and upright shape. It becomes ca. 60cm high and 50cm wide. Obessed thrives in sun or partial shade in well-drained soil. Winterhardy to -18° Celsius. It works great as a solitary or mixed with other plants in a container on your terrace. Also very suitable for plant borders. Very easy to maintain. We are smitten with the fiery looks of Nandina domestica Obsessed!

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Key Points

  1. Intense red foliage
  2. Bushy, upright habit
  3. Low maintenance


Nandina Obsessed winner of:

  • Zilver Plantarium 2011
Zilver Plantarium 2011

Breeder: Magnolia Gardens Nursery

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