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Nandina domestica Flirt ('Murasaki'PBR) EU 36058



Also plants like to flirt in the garden. They do that with their ornamental value. For that we have Nandina Flirt. This new Nandina is a sport from the wellknown 'Harbour Dwarf'. However, Flirt has wine red young leaves that become more intense during summer. Old leaves get purple/green. The cultivar name ´Murasaki´ means purple in Japanese. Flirt becomes 45 cm high and 40 cm wide. It stays compact. In spring Flirt shows clustes of small white flowers. In autumn, they can develop into red berries. Flirt likes to flirt in full sun.

Key Points

  1. Compact, spreading habit
  2. Burgundy foliage
  3. Easy flowering

Breeder: Magnolia Gardens Nursery

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