Mahonia Volcano ('MYOY'PBR) EU 20212086



Mahonia Volcano shows an eruption of colour with its orange-yellow flowers. They combine nicely with the silvery green leaves. Volcano flowers early from October to November. The leaves are elegant, fine and are soft to touch, without sharp spine-toothed edges. In spring, the new shoots are bronze. Volcano has a compact size and grows up to about 90-100 cm high and 100 cm wide.

Plant Volcano in the sun or semi-shade in an average, rich, well-drained soil. This evergreen makes a great addition to any garden but is also very suitable for in a pot on terrace or balcony and even for mass planting. Volcano is hardy to -15 ºC which is more hardy than other varieties.

Key Points

  1. Soft leaves
  2. More winter hardy
  3. Orange-yellow flowers
  4. Early flowering
  5. Easy to take cuttings

Breeder: Seiju Yamaguchi

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