Lycium barbarum Little Goji ('Hoogi036'PBR) EU 20213178

Fruit (vruchtgoed)


Usually not a plant for small gardens, Lycium barbarum Little Goji is about to shock the world with its compact size. Whereas other family members tend to become leggy, Little Goji keeps his compact habit for life. This makes Little Goji suitable for smaller gardens as well, offering the benefit of extra sweet, healthy goji berries (which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants!) for people across the world.

The pollinator-friendly Little Goji isn’t just gentle in size, but also in appearance. With beautiful lilac flowers, hardly any spines and fine, elegant leaves, Little Goji is a sight for sore eyes. And the best thing is yet to come: this little powerhouse produces berries in its first year! The ideal addition to the edible garden!

How to care for Lycium Little Goji:
This deciduous little shrub grows up to 40 cm high and wide after three years and reaches a mature height of 80 cm after five years. Little Goji prefers a location in full sun, isn’t picky about the type of soil, and is hardy to -12 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Compact size
  2. Gives berries in the first year
  3. Very sweet in taste
  4. Superfood!
  5. Hardly any spines

Breeder: Handelskwekerij G. Hoogenraad B.V.

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