Lychnis 'Cherry Bubbles' PBR EU 20222787



Wow: never has there been a Lychnis viscaria (also known as your clammy campion or red catchfly) that ticks this many boxes. Lychnis Cherry Bubbles is the result of a years-long breeding program at the Seoha Breeding Institute and will baffle you with her abundance of cherry-shaped flower heads and impressive long flowering season. Appreciated by growers, but most definitely appreciated by the butterflies and bees as well!

Cherry Bubbles isn’t just very floriferous: her dwarf, upright habit makes her a very neat addition to the landscape as well. This neat growth habit makes Cherry Bubbles easy to care for: a real trouble-free plant for any type of garden. Any type of soil as well for that matter: Cherry Bubbles tolerates poor soil like a real champ!

How to care for Lychnis Cherry Bubbles:
Cherry Bubbles prefers a spot in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade as well. No pruning needed for this variety: which is making her very easy to care for. As cherry on the pie, this spectacular variety is as climate-proof as they get: not sensitive to diseases, drought-tolerant once established, heat-tolerant and very winter hardy to -30 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Attracts butterflies and bees
  2. Not sensitive to diseases
  3. Drought-tolerant once established
  4. Heat-tolerant
  5. Easy care and trouble free

Breeder: Seoha Plant Breeding Institute

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