Ligustrum ibota Musli® ('Muster'PBR) EU 34961



Musli® was discovered and selected as a seedling of Ligustrum ibota in Switzerland. Leaves are opposite, evergreen to semi-evergreen and remarkable for their lasting variegation, highly resistant to the sun. The young shoots are light yellow, turning white with time. The foliage is more or less variegated: light grey-green with creamy white margins, sometimes so wide that they cover the entire width of the leaf. When young, the shrub is of a bushy and spreading growth with arching branches. Then Musli® forms an even bush with a dense center. It is of moderate growth. In early summer, the shrub will produce clusters of fragrant, white, tubular, nectar bearing flowers turning into blue-black berries which attract birds. This shrub tolerates cutting back and can be used as topiary or in a mono specific or mixed hedge. Together with other shrubs or in a pot it is remarkable by its particularly bright foliage.

Key Points

  1. Remarkable variegated foliage
  2. Stable variegated
  3. Does not suffer from sunburn
  4. Bushy habit


Ligustrum Musli® winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2011
Brons Plantarium 2011

Breeder: Johann Muster

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