Limonium gmelinii Dazzle Rocks ('STE10'PBR) EU 20201049



Limonium Dazzle Rocks is selected for its compact habit and the large amount of flowers per stem. You can enjoy the flowers from early summer into fall. Dazzle Rocks becomes about 40 cm tall and wide and is well branched. As it is drought- en heat resistant, it is perfect for xeriscaping. Also very nice in containers and for rock gardens or landscaping. Plant Dazzle Rocks in full sun in an, ideally, sandy and well-drained soil. This Limonium is not only very suitable for warm and dry climates, it also resists cold temperatures to -30 ºC.

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Key Points

  1. Drought- and heat resistant
  2. Compact size
  3. Perfect in containers and for landscaping
  4. Well-branched with high flower count
  5. Very winter hardy

Breeder: Peter van Steijn

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