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Leucothoe axillaris 'Curly Red' PBR EU 10129



Leucothoe axillaris 'Curly Red' is a very special evergreen shrub with unique curly leaves. Not only do the glossy, curly leaves have year-round textural interest, their colouring changes throughout the seasons! The curly foliage emerges bright red and matures to rich greens, only to be followed by deep purple tones when winter comes. A year-round spectacle of colour!

This little evergreen shrub has a dense and compact growth habit and thanks to its hardiness it keeps its colours throughout the year. The compact habit and little maintenance requirements make Leucothoe ‘Curly Red’ the ideal shrub for containers on the balcony or terrace and a great addition to any border or garden design.

How to care for Leucothoe ‘Curly Red’:
Leucothoe ‘Curly Red’ grows up to 60 cm high and 40 cm wide and prefers a spot in moist, well-drained, neutral to acidic soil and full sun to partial shade. This evergreen shrub doesn’t mind some fertilising in spring but requires no looking-after other than that. ‘Curly Red’ is hardy to -22 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Curly foliage
  2. Colours in autumn first red then purple
  3. Keeps its nice colour throughout the winter
  4. Very hardy


Leucothoe Curly Red winner of:

  • Zilver Plantarium 2003
Zilver Plantarium 2003

Breeder: Ron van Opstal Holding B.V.

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