Hydrangea paniculata Pink & Rose ('LC NO14'PBR) EU 57857



A new market-changer from the hands of Alex Schoemaker at Living Creations: Hydrangea paniculata Pink & Rose. This spectacular variety surprises everyone with the colour change of the flower panicles. She starts off with creamy white in July, followed by a graduate blending from white to light pink tones in August, only to boost dark pink colours come September.

The colours are mesmerizing, but so are the full, rounded flower panicles and strong branches supporting them. Making Hydrangea Pink & Rose perfectly suited for gardens and mass planting, but containers too. In 2021 Pink & Rose has received a KVBC Silver Award for its garden performance.

How to care for Hydrangea Pink & Rose:
Plant Hydrangea Pink & Rose in well-drained, fertile soil in full sun to semi-shade. Prune in early spring and Pink & Rose will retain her upright habit, growing up to 130 cm high and 120 cm wide. This Hydrangea is extremely winter hardy and can withstand temperatures down to -30 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Gorgeous colour change
  2. Full flower panicles
  3. Strong branches
  4. Very winter hardy


Hydrangea Pink & Rose winner of:

  • Hydrangea Pink and Rose
Hydrangea Pink and Rose

Breeder: Boomkwekerij Alex Schoemaker

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