Hydrangea paniculata Pixio ('GRHP11'PBR) EU 20213335



Hydrangea Pixio grows and colors well in gardens and containers. Its flower panicles change colour from white/ lime-green to green to pink. Pixio has a compact habit and grows up to about 80 cm tall and wide. This shrub is very well-branched, making the plant dense and floriferous. The flower stems are strong and Pixio produces more flower panicles than many common paniculata varieties. The flower petals are very fine. Place Pixio in the sun to semi-shade in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Pixio makes a great addition to the shrub border but is also excellent for mass planting or for in a container on terrace or balcony. Hardy to -30 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Grows and colors well
  2. Flower panicles change colour
  3. Compact, well-branched
  4. Strong flower stems
  5. Produces lots of flower panicles

Breeder: Guido Rouwette

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