Hydrangea paniculata Little Spooky ('GRHP08'PBR) EU 58374



Hydrangea paniculata Little Spooky is a beautiful dwarf variety. Little Spooky has full, round flower panicles with white flowers. In the summer you can enjoy an exuberant bloom. Because of the strong, compact dwarf form Little Spooky is perfect for in a pot on the terrace or balcony. Little Spooky becomes about 50 cm high and 30 cm wide and is therefore also very well suitable for a mixed planting, in the border or for mass planting. This Hydrangea is hardy to -30 °C and can be pruned in the spring. Plant Little Spooky in the sun or partial shade in any soil.


Key Points

  1. Dwarf and strong habit
  2. Abundant flowering
  3. Full, round panicles
  4. Disease-tolerant

Breeder: Guido Rouwette

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