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Hydrangea macrophylla Love ('Youme H1917'PBR) EU 43230



Everyone loves Love! Love has special, double rosette-shaped flowers with a light lovely pink colour. With Love flowering is guaranteed. Flowers on young and old wood. Good pruning in early spring gives the same year a sea of flowers. Love loves full sun but can also stand in partial shade. Love is up to 1 meter high. Suitable as a garden, terrace and balcony plant.
Hydrangea Love is the symbol for love. Love has received a gold medal on the National Plant Show (UK) and a silver medal at Plantarium 2013.


Key Points

  1. Rosette shapes flowers
  2. Light to dark pink, lime heart
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Blooming on new & old wood
  5. Gold at National Plant Show


Hydrangea Love winner of:

  • Zilver Plantarium 2013
Zilver Plantarium 2013

Breeder: R. Irie

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