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Gardenia jasminoides Double Diamonds ('Leefour'PBR) EU 60066



Gardenia Double Diamonds has bright white, double flowers against dark green, shiny leaves: a beautiful combination! The large flowers also have a lovely fragrance. Double Diamonds has a vigorous, upright growth and becomes about 90 cm high and 70 cm wide. Plant Double Diamonds in a humus-rich, moist, permeable soil. Double Diamonds prefers a sunny spot but can also be planted in the semi-shade. Prune after flowering and provide sufficient nutrition in the summer. Double Diamonds is easier to grow than many other Gardenia. It is a fantastic, evergreen shrub for the garden but also for a large pot on the terrace. Hardy to -12 ºC.

Key Points

  1. Upright, well-branched and vigorous growth
  2. Heat- and disease tolerant
  3. Large, double, white, fragrant flowers
  4. Deep green, shiny foliage
  5. Works also well in large pots

Breeder: PDSI

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