Euonymus japonicus Exstase® ('Goldbolwi'PBR) EU 14998



Euonymus Exstase® is a beauty! With the large, intensely coloured, gold-green variegated foliage, Exstase® is an eye-catcher in the garden or border. Also for mass planting or a low hedge is this compact Euonymus very suitable. Euonymus Exstase® also adds colour to a mixed container. Exstase® has an upright, compact habitus and becomes 80 cm high and 20-30 cm wide. Hardy to -15 °C. Exstase® is an easy plant and can be planted in the sun, partial shade and shade and in all types of soil. Prune in the summer. In short: an evergreen shrub that you will enjoy a lot!

Key Points

  1. Intense gold-green variagated foliage
  2. Upright, compacte habit
  3. Large leaves

Breeder: Skimmia Kwekerij Bolwijn BV

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